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Yip Yip Social Makes Social Recruiting Easy, Fast & Inexpensive

Have you ever posted a job opening and thought, of course everyone will SHARE this on social media and we will get tons of referrals for new employees?


Have you ever sent an email out to your team with a link to a job posting with the message, “would you mind sharing this to your social media accounts and help us find a new employee?” Then, wondered, “why isn’t anyone sharing these posts and helping us out?”

If you have experienced either of these situations, you know the cold hard truth that people are just busy. And your posts are not necessarily high priority on their To-Do list. But, what if you could get their approval ONCE, then provide posts for them seamlessly and easily? Watch your posting adoption rates soar, your applicant pool increase and your team excited to help you promote your job openings? Sounds too good to be true?

We can help! Take a look at this post from our client, CarSaver. When they told us they had aggressive growth goals and their listings on job sites were not quit

e giving them enough qualified candidates, we asked them about their current team. Does your current team members help you promote job openings with the social media accounts?

Of course, their answer was like so many others. “We try. Some of them will some of the time but it is not consistent” Yea, we hear that a lot. We introduced them to Yip Yip Social with our recruiting site application and changed how they promote job openings.

One person in their HR Department creates the posts, writes the message in first person and presses the submit button. Everyone on the team gets alerted that the post is ready and they simply read it and accept it. The post is published in their approved social media accounts as if each of them did it


Best of all, all clicks and completed applications are tracked so the HR team knows who bonus and give credit for new hires. Now their team members are motivated and excited to share job openings. It is easy for them to use with our “one-for-many” platform that allows 1 person to create a post, push a button and Yip Yip does the rest. It creates, personalizes and readies for publishing a post for eve

ry member of the team.

It is super-easy for team members too. They can select automation and allow posts to publish as soon as a post is ready. Or, for those that want to review and approve, they simply choose “notify me” during their account setup. No post will publish without their review and approval.

With the tracking system, team members are confident that if their post produces an applicant who get hired, their next paycheck will include the incentive bonus for referring a friend to their company. Talk about an awesome win-win! Less expensive job postings, wider reach and rewards for your team who simply allow the HR team to promote job openings on their social media accounts.

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