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Why Politicians Should Build A Social Ambassador Program (And How They Can Easily Implement It)

Voters trust the opinions of people they know and admire

92% of people around the world say they trust recommendations from friends, family and colleagues over all forms of advertising.

Most politicians would agree that word-of-mouth is a powerful force that can help win elections and persuade voters. This is why politicians go to advertising in order to stay top-of-mind with supporters to spark actual conversations.

The challenge they face with advertising is that, although it’s necessary, it’s expensive and many people are starting to tune out ads.

A study showed that 60% of people typically ignore ads, and the millennial generation is even less responsive.

This is why most leading politicians have their supporters join a Social Ambassador campaign. Politicians love the idea of enabling their supporters to talk about their campaign, and now with Yip 

Yip Political, politicians can easily deliver content for all of their ambassadors to post on social media.

For example, you have 500 supporters that want to become your Social Ambassador. You decide to suggest one social post every three days to all 500 ambassadors to publish to their social media 


With the average reach per channel, you would have over 1,500,000 of unpaid organic views of people looking at you and your message. That’s a lot of views!

You can see why most leading politicians love the idea of social ambassadors. This type of organic reach gives leading politicians breathing room with their campaign budget since most campaign budgets are spread paper thin.

To put it in perspective here is a graphic on what typical advertising channels will cost to reach 1.5M views.

All of these numbers aside, leading politicians use this strategy because of its effectiveness.

They understand people trust the opinions of those they know and admire, and if they can help those people spread the campaign message, they will see results.

After all, a politician acts as a voice of the people. Social Ambassador programs help supporters share this collective voice with the world.  

How do I start a Social Ambassador Campaign?

Step 1: Choose a target and invite them to become Social Ambassadors

At Yip Yip we recommend pulling a list of names and emails. You can pull this list from a past voter registry, or pull from a database of supporters. Here are few ways you can ask these targeted supports to join your social ambassador program:

  • Create an email campaign asking supporters to sign up.
  • During your events, have a table where people can sign up at anytime to become an ambassador. During the event, remind supporters to sign up to become an ambassador.
  • When someone donates, ask them if they want to become a Social Ambassador.

Step 2: Deliver Content

After your ambassadors have signed up, you will want to consistently give them content to share on social media. With Yip Yip you can easily deliver 100’s+ social posts at the click of a button.

Step 3: Your Vision is a popular topic on Social Media

If you consistently deliver engaging content to your 100’s+ ambassadors, your content will be shared all across social media, dominating the news feed! We recommend including your campaign hashtag to become a trending topic.

Final Thoughts

Politicians effectively implementing a Social Ambassadors program will see an increase in awareness of their campaign.

With the Social Ambassador program through Yip Yip Political, you are able to easily organize your supporters and deliver quality content to their social media channels. This means you can spend less time begging people to share content from your page and spend more time gathering support for your campaign.

By using ambassadors to spread your message, you are guaranteed to get in front of more potential voters and have those voters actually listen to you, as your message is coming through friends, family and colleagues that they trust and admire.  

If you are running a Political Campaign, and are interested in launching a Social Ambassador Campaign, click here to learn more!

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