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What is Yip Yip and How do We Help?

Is technology the real cause of disruption in the world? Chances are, if you look at why we embrace technology as readily as we do, you’ll find the answer is “no.” Did iTunes kill the music industry? No, an industry that forced you to buy full albums for a single song did. Can Amazon be blamed for a dying retail space? No, poor customer service and inconvenience can.

So where does this leave us in terms of marketing? The prices for a paid ad boost on social media are going up, and statistics show that only a small percentage of potential leads see content organically when it’s posted on a corporate page or account. It’s time for a disruption in the way we market online; what does that disruption look like?


How Yip Yip is Making a Difference


My background has been empowering small business owners to market like a large company without the large expense.

I want them to be able to have a robust, consistent content marketing solution to build relationships and stay top-of-mind without having to do all the work themselves.

To have the highest quality marketing system and pieces that make their clients and prospects stop in their tracks and say, “Wow, I didn’t realize you were so successful that you marketed  with such awesome materials.”

Here at Yip Yip, that is our goal for all of our clients…to impress the heck out of their prospects and clients so they are remembered, referred to and seen as the best option for services in their local market.

And we do that without a huge price tag.

And we do that without requiring our clients to do much work.

And we make it consistent and relevant so they don’t have to think about it if they don’t want to do so.


Thriving, Consistent Web-Presence!  Why is this important?


The good or the bad of the Internet, social media or digital content marketing depends on where you stand as a business. What I mean is that as an existing business with years of experience and a large client list, the internet may not be the most friendly business environment for you.


Because any individual or person can launch a strategic, consistent web presence and “appear” to be a much larger company within a very short period of time. The consistent newsfeed plus the amount of time that people spend on their phones, social media, reading articles, etc means that a new company with a lot of content, social posts, paid ads and leveraging re-targeting (you know where ads seem to follow you everywhere you go on the Internet) can APPEAR to be an established, thriving business. When, in fact, it could be a solopreneur working out of their spare bedroom.  

The digital revolution means we really just don’t know what we don’t know.

It also means that for us to keep our businesses relevant, known and growing, we must have a thriving, consistent web-presence. We have to be there or else people will forget about us and our brand. It’s just a logical conclusion based on how people use social media, news feeds and anything that “lives” on their smartphones.


Our Partner Program


Our mission is empower over 1 Million small businesses to be financially secure through a thriving, consistent web-presence that allows them to focus on serving clients, engaging with prospects and leading their teams. Our partner program is designed to allow companies that serve small businesses to do this too.

Our partners are companies that support or desire for small business owners to be successful.

They tend to be franchise organizations, publishing companies, associations or marketing companies who have served large networks of small business owners. With the Yip Yip Partner Program, companies can utilize the Yip Yip platform to offer 3 levels of service:

  1. Yip Yip Social. – One push of a button will provide pre-created social posts to an entire network of users. This allows each User to receive posts via our mobile app, edit to put in their own voice and publish to their social properties. We currently support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN.
  2. Yip Yip Pro – Need a more robust digital experience? Yip Yip Pro provides each User with a branded web presence site and consistently publishes blog articles. Again, this is done with just a push of a button. Each site template is custom designed and created to help business owners maintain a consistent web-presence, lead readers from social posts to their site, capture new leads with personalized lead hooks and grow their personal database.
  3. Yip Yip Campaign – Need something a bit more robust? No problem! We have Pro Campaign that includes a simple drip email follow up campaign to every visitor who selects to download a lead hook.  Each drip campaign is personalized from each user and helps them build additional credibility, develop a deeper relationship with their clients and lead digital relationships to real-live conversations.

All Yip Yip tiers are available as options for all of our Partners. Plus, our platform invites our Partners to market their own services, provide their own content, determine their fees and provide a powerful, digital and social service to their existing clients (or new ones) without any risk of writing their own code, maintaining a tech stack or hiring developers. Yip Yip! We do all of that for you. Plus, we even provide you a personally branded version of our platform so your clients know its your service!


To learn more about Yip Yip, click here.

To learn more about the Yip Yip Partner program, click here.

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