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Top Ways Printing Companies are Attracting New Customers (And Retaining the Old!)

With the printing space changing every day it is important to look to new opportunities and services to increase business. Here are some of our suggestions to drum up new business and keep your current clients coming back for more!

Digital Partnerships

Studies have shown that more and more print clients are seeking a digital solution. This leaves print companies feeling overwhelmed because technologies are expensive to build and intimidating to implement.

We understand this challenge firsthand. 

This is something that we see our partners come up against regularly. We recently had a partner overcome this and earn over $64,800 within the first 90 days because we had an onboarding process that was primarily automated, and service compliments what they’re already doing, making it easy to go digital. 

To read their full story, download their case study here.

Use Metallic Finishes

One way to really amp your game is to offer metallic finishes to your clients. These finishes, whether it be printing on a metallic surface or offering metallic ink, really being a new level of artistry to your products and can help attract new clients. According to OKI, utilizing metallics allows you to boost your billings and quickly attain ROI due to the low cost to your business and the high value to your customers.

Metallic finishes also open up a whole new realm of potential clients, including cosmetics and beverage companies.

Offer Automated Drip Email Campaigns

If you’re already implementing a direct mailing program, providing drip email campaigns is a great resource for new revenue.

Drip email campaigns are an easy way for your clients to stay on top of mind with their prospects. A drip email campaign is a series of emails, sent out at set times and activated when a potential client enters their email into an online form.

Click here to learn how one person can set up drip email campaigns on behalf of your customers!

Mail Tracking

Mail tracking gives your clients an edge on their competition by allowing them to know when their mailings reach their prospects which allows them to have a more complete follow-up.

What’s even better is this is a service you can implement at very little cost to you! Intelligent Mail Barcodes, or IMBs, are provided by the USPS for free! USPS send all sorts of useful information back to the mailer when using IMB barcodes and there are lots of simple software services that translate the information into easy to read results. Mailing Systems Technology recommends MrMailTracker.com.

High End Invitations (for High End Clients)

Being able to provide quality high end invitations for your clients brings a whole new opportunity for monthly revenue. Invitations for philanthropic events or corporate gatherings that are printed on quality paper feel luxurious and are more likely to lead to a donation or investment. Further, partnering with an event planner (or two!) is sure to get you more orders for events such as weddings, showers and other important life events.

If you want to learn more about how you can use digital services to expand your client base, click here.

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