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The One Thing You Need to Stop Doing to be 10X More Productive with Your Day

Do you ever worry? Sure you do. But about what? Everything? The list of things to worry about could, and will, go on for days: not finishing a project at work, keeping food on the table or that check engine light that just came back on for the third time? We all deal with some level of worry in our lives, but when we let it affect our work it becomes really destructive.

Worrying wastes time. Worrying wastes resources. Worrying wastes energy.

The thing about when we worry is that it all built around the fear of failure, whether we’ve experienced it or not. In fact, potential failure is even more terrifying than anything else. It’s a paralyzing thing, and it makes your decisions, priorities and goals even harder to grasp. We start to lose trust in ourselves and our team members to successfully carry out a task, despite any positive track records. And this, above any other situation, is when we fail.

According to Seth Godin, clearing your “worry cache” will greatly help your mental load. That moment when we learn to let go and embrace the possibility of failure is when we truly become free of worry. It gives us faith in ourselves and our team to complete a project and brings us back to a place where we can make forward movement. The trick really comes when we take our next step, and successfully execute all of our juggled tasks.

Simply, worry isn’t worth it. Unless we put it behind us, it will take hold of our lives, our teams and our businesses. Worry will ruin us. Try clearing your worry cache and focus on what’s important.

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