Yip Yip

Social Amplification

With the push of a button, immediately increase your reach and leads by amplifying your marketing message through employee social channels.

Launch A Successful Social Amplification Program Within Days!

The Yip Yip social amplification program makes it easy and fast for one marketer to push out their message through their employees' social media networks. By utilizing your employees to share your content, you will get a greater reach, higher conversion rate and drive brand engagement in addition to humanizing your brand. Your employees get the added benefit of looking like professional social media rockstars and increased business.

Easily Publish Content For Employees

Yip Yip makes it easy to create, organize and distribute content for your employees social media channels.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Our mobile app allows your employees to easily onboard, approve, reject or edit social posts on the go, making employee adoption a breeze.

Creative Support for Brand Engagement

Content is an important piece of an effective Social marketing strategy. This is why we offer any type of creative support you might need to amplify your message.

Yip Yip "Wow"-Service

Our customer success team provides clear onboarding, training videos, and one-on-one support for users and admins of our platform.

Our mission is for you and your team to have such a great experience that you say “wow” after working with us.


Case Study: 2M extra views each month!

See how a company was able to immediately onboard 981 of their employees to consistently promote company content on their personal social media channels!

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