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Recruiting and Hiring on Social Media Through Your Employees

Are you looking for your next great employee? There are a lot of traditional hiring practices, but sometimes it can be really tough to find that perfect person for your needs. If you haven’t attempted to recruit through social media, then you might be approaching your hiring process the wrong way.

You want great people to work for you, right? It only makes sense then that you use the great people you have to share the news of your company far and wide. Social media is the best tool for that. Looking for your next great employee can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

Implementing a social media plan using employee advocacy is the best solution for online recruiting, and it makes the hiring process a much more positive experience for the potential employee and recruiter.

Also, this plan can greatly assist in employee retention as it facilitates a positive and encouraging environment for employees as they see that their hard work is noticed. In a nutshell, this just means recruiting employees through social media. When your employees use their social accounts to talk about their jobs, that opens potential doors to other potential clients and potential employees.

Plus, it’s absolutely free. The Facebook algorithms allow a personal post to be seen by 20% of your friends, and then, if it becomes more popular, even more people will see it.Years ago, this would’ve seemed preposterous, but the future is now. This is our reality. The newest, best way to find new recruits for your business is social media. Why does it work so well? There’s a lot of reasons, but the biggest is employee advocacy.

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