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Movement Mortgage: Onboarding & Approving Social Posts With Yip Yip

In this blog, we will go through the steps to onboard onto the Yip Yip platform as well as how to approve a social media post, both on desktop as well as on our mobile app. Once you are connected to Yip Yip, you will automatically receive content that you can easily publish on social media. This tool will help Movement loan officers stay active inside the newsfeed.

We are publishing the first pieces of content on Wednesday, July 18th 2018, so make sure you are set up and ready to approve these posts!

Here are directions for setting up your account.

Onboarding to Yip Yip

Step 1: This Movement Mortgage social media program is provided through a company called Yip Yip. After submitting your request to join, you will receive an email from their support team (support@goyipyip.com).

To begin, find that email, and click “Accept Invitation.”



Step 2: You will be prompted to create an account. Simply add your account information and set up your password.



Step 3: You will now be prompted to connect your social media accounts.



Be sure to allow all permissions so that we can post to your account. Don’t worry – we only request the absolute minimum required. If you do not allow the permissions, the posts will not go out to your accounts.



If you have a business page on Facebook you will be prompted to select which page you would like your posts to publish to. We recommend that Movement Mortgage Loan Officers connect their business pages. See image below.


If you do not have a business page, click here to watch our webinar on how to create a business page.

After you select your business page, and click Submit, you are all set! You can expect to receive notifications that you have new posts to approve for Facebook (Twitter & LinkedIn will automatically be published to your account). These posts approval can be done through the Yip Yip mobile app or through email.

Mobile App: Approving a Facebook Post

Facebook requires users to approve social posts before they are posted to their social channels. Yip Yip offers a mobile app so you can receive push notifications when you need to post on social media.



Our app, available on Google Play and the App Store, allows users to approve their social posts on-the-go. The images below are taken from an iPhone, however an Android user will have the exact same user experience.


iOS users: Click here to download the Yip Yip mobile app for Apple

Android Users: Click here to download the Yip Yip mobile app for Android.


Step 1: When your admin creates a new post, you will receive a notification letting you know there is a social post awaiting approval. Click the notification.



Step 2: This will open the Yip Yip Mobile app. Click, “Approve Social Post (Facebook).”



Step 3: From here, you have the option to approve or reject the post. To publish the post, click, “Approve Post.”



Step 4: This will prompt a pop-up reminder that you must paste the caption into Facebook. Push, “Okay.”



Step 5: This will open a Facebook window. If you wish to use the text written for you, press and hold to open up your options menu. Select, “Paste.” If you wish to write your own text, add it now. After the text has been added. Press, “Post.” Your post has now been uploaded to Facebook!


Email Notification: Approving a Facebook Post on Desktop

Yip Yip also offers an email notification for users that are unable to use the mobile app. Here are the directions for approving a post through email notifications.



Step 1: When a new post is ready to go out to Facebook, you will receive an email letting you know that the post is available for approval. Click on, “Click Here”



Step 2: This will open up the Yip Yip platform. From here, you can either choose to post to Facebook or reject the post. If you want to publish the post, click the blue, “Post to Facebook” button.



Step 3: Click, “OK!”



Step 4: Be sure to allow pop-ups so that you can be taken over to the Facebook platform. Click, “Done.”


Step 5: This will open up your post in Facebook. To use the caption provided for you, right-click (if you are using a PC) or double-click (if you are using a Mac) and select, “Paste.” If you would prefer to write your own caption, add it now.



Step 6: Now that a caption has been added, click, “Post to Facebook.” This will upload your post!



Final Remarks

If you need any additional help, please reach out to support@goyipyip.com or message us in the chat tool while inside the Yip Yip platform. See you in the newsfeed!

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