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Momentum Creates Momentum: A Look at a Great Marketing Principle from The World Cup

For those of you who don’t know, our CEO, Brandon Lee and many members of our team here at Yip Yip are HUGE soccer fans, and it’s World Cup Time!

That means we’ve got games on in the office and we occasionally have to take breaks during the last few minutes to watch an intense finish! I’m sure those of you who share our passion for soccer completely understand.

Today, while we were watching the Denmark & Australia game, we heard the announcer talk about the Danish team building momentum as they were playing. The announcer had watched the Danish team string more passes together, and taking more shots at goal, and said:

“Their Momentum Is Creating More Momentum”

This statement immediately reminded me of a recent conversation we had with one of our Yip Yip clients. Here is what our client said:

“Since my team is producing social posts everyday, that momentum of posting is creating

more momentum with our team! Without being asked, more and more members are taking out their smartphones and creating their own social posts”.

Many businesses we’ve spoken with know that it’s important to be active and consistent on social media. These businesses know the importance of reaching and engaging their potential customers everyday. And they know how reaching and engaging their potential customers will bring in sales.

The challenge is actually doing it – actually taking the time to create social posts, or encouraging your team to post on social media.
Our client knew it was difficult to get their team to post on social media, which is why he decided to partner with Yip Yip.

What he did not know is that the engagement and impact from the Yip Yip posts would inspire their team to be even MORE active on social media!

For this client, Yip Yip was laying a foundation for their team’s personal brand, and in many ways, it gave the team confidence to put themselves out there even more!

Success is usually comprised of a lot of little wins, that together produce a big win. A little bit of momentum, can lead to big things.

If you are looking to gain more momentum in marketing, you have come to the right place.

Contact our team today!


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