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Modern Buyers Don’t Look for B2B Sellers. They look to Smart Friends For Insight!

Modern buyers are changing the way they research products and engage with sales people. This means that we as sales people have to change our strategy when interacting with potential clients in order to have any sort of impact. Let’s take a look at some statistics.

Did you know that…

90% of buyers don’t respond to cold calls. 

-Harvard Business Review


or that…

74% of buyers choose the first salesperson who added insight and value into their research. 

-Business 2 Community


Can you believe those statistics?

If you are a salesperson, those 2 pieces of data should cause you to immediately question the daily actions that you call sales activity.

Two of the biggest questions facing business and sales leaders is, “How many people on your team know how to add value versus just try to sell a service?” and, “How many of their daily activities are aligned with adding value and insight into people’s research vs just trying to find a buyer?”

As a business or sales leader, you need to take a look at how you can you equip your growth team to never need to cold call anyone.

How can you make it easy for them to have a peer group of online relationships, that looks to them and refer them out as someone who can add tremendous value to people who are actively looking for help?

What we mean by help is that your prospect is actively researching and seeking ways to solve one of their pain points and empowering your team to learn and feel empowered in their decision making. The byproduct of this is that you get to sell something too.


Did you get that? Don’t miss this now….


Modern Buyers are looking for information and collaboration.

They are researching online in order to make important decisions.


Researching does not mean simply downloading an ebook. It’s engaging online friends, asking questions, asking for help and getting referrals.

Buyers value people who help them in their research and look to them for answers. They want a salesperson who will guide and empower them with knowledge.

Alternatively, you can just be a salesperson who is seen as a salesperson.



The more I read data and I experience online conversations, the more I am convinced that most sellers are working way too hard by doing the wrong activities.

I just received this message from a BDR today, and if you are in any sort of management or leadership position you probably receive these too.

How many of you would jump right on that call?

First of all, I am not a hiring manager so they sent it to the wrong person.

Secondly, so what? Any value proposition in that message? Anything substantial to motivate me? Anything at all the seems like this person has anything to offer me besides a hardcore sales pitch?

What if that message said something like this….


“Hi Brandon,

As a hiring manager with Yip Yip, I am sure you are experiencing the same challenges as many other companies…finding and retaining the right candidates.

I have an article on how a company was able to save 30% time and save $1000 of dollars on their hiring and retention systems. They hired better candidates in a shorter period of time.  Here is the link to the article on my site.

I hope you find value in it. I have other articles on my site as well that you may find interesting. I discuss these types of solutions all the time if you ever wanted to talk about your particular challenges and goals.

Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoy the article.



So what’s my point? 

We experience people trying to sell us stuff everyday.

We don’t often get people offering us insight and value as their introduction.

Which one would you prefer to receive?


Ok, it’s your turn to chime in. What am I missing? What else would you add? What do you think I have wrong? What do you think I have right?

Let’s talk! 

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