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How Yip Yip Helps You: Associations

With the huge advances in the internet and search engines over the last few years, Associations are having to come up with innovative new ways to navigate the digital landscape and continue providing value to their members.

In the past, an Association was essential for members to continue their ongoing education, learn and network with other brilliant minds in their field, and gain certifications & credentials. Today, many of these benefits can be found or created online in the form of online communities, videos and social media.

This has become frustrating to many Association Leaders because members are turning to the internet instead of Associations to learn what they “need to know.”

In order to adapt and stay relevant, associations will find different ways to provide more value to their members, and different opportunities to earn additional revenue so that they can continue to serve their members with high quality programs.

This is why Associations choose to work with Yip Yip.

Through Yip Yip’s one-for-many social media tool, professional Associations are able to help their members dominate the social media news feed with an automated digital presence at 1/10 of agency costs.

With Yip Yip, one person can create content, blog posts, social posts, graphics, email drip campaigns etc. AND automatically publish said content to the social platforms of all of their members.

This allows an Association to greatly increase the benefits of being a member while also creating a new monthly recurring revenue stream for that Associations.

Through easy implementation, your Association could exponentially increase the value you provide to your members today.

If this is something you’re interested in for your Association, please click here for more information and schedule a call today!

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