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How to Win Over Your Sales Team AND Your Buyer

The buyer now has a majority of control over the buying process, this means your buyers come to your sales reps already having a good idea of what their company does and how they do it. In order to do that however, they have to find them on the web, social media, reviews, etc. (inbound marketing). When a buyer actually responds or reaches out to a business, they don’t want “content”, for the sake of it. They have a goal and want to get their questions answered, become educated and are looking for solutions. This DOES NOT mean they are ready to buy.

I’m sure you have heard this said countless times before, but in order for you to understand why the inbound sales method is so crucial to connecting with buyers, I want us to explore this psychology a bit further. Why do buyers do this? Why do they want to connect with a professional, even if they aren’t “ready” to buy yet?

To answer this question, let’s take a step back and assess to better understand the psychology around why people buy.

People at the end of the day, choose to do business with people they like, trust and remember. Content marketing can only go so far if it doesn’t capitalize on this truth. Most inbound marketing strategies are failing to do this on a one-to-one level for the sales rep.

That why I think it’s time to repurpose and personalize the “big” funnel, turning it into a personalized inbound content strategy for sales reps.

Sales teams need to start leveraging content, multiplied on a one-to-one basis, for the prospect and sales rep so that sales reps can start building relationships using this content, which will lead to increased conversions, close rates and speed up the sales cycle!

I’d consider that a win-win for everyone!

NOW, more than ever before, it’s clear that businesses need to change the way they look at sales and marketing. Your content is an opportunity for you to create an awesome fellowship of community around you that you shouldn’t pass up. Why not act on this in a personalized way for every sales member on your team? Choose the Inbound sales method today.

At Yip Yip we are tackling personalized inbound sales funnels head on. We want to help you generate more leads and mature your opportunities faster with a primed pipeline. No matter where your buyers are at in the sales funnel, you can create personalized and educational content to address their needs. Anticipate pain points, get to know your buyers, and build trusted relationships with the right people at the right time with one push of a button. To learn more about how we are empowering marketers to do this, click here.

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