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How to Speed Up the Buying Process

Have you ever wished your customers would buy faster?

It can be quite frustrating seeing customers inquire about a product, become a lead, ask for an appointment and then take 3 – 12 months to close. If you’re a CEO or responsible for growing sales and revenue, you would mostly likely share this same frustration, especially when establishing a new product or service.

You want customers to buy YESTERDAY, even though most potential customers want to just look around.  

Although we wish our customers would buy faster, we often times appreciate that same extra time when we are the ones making a purchasing decision. With Google and Social Media communities at our fingertips, it’s so easy to do research, compare products and find the EXACT solution we need, even if it’s different than the one you’re currently being sold on.

On top of all of this, buying is an emotional decision. So just because everything makes sense on paper, doesn’t mean the customer will act. If it’s a clear financial win, your customer might choose something that is less risky because he is afraid of looking stupid in front of his boss.

A study by DigitalMarketer looked at the average days it took for a sales to close (b2c and b2b). The Result: 43 days!

This is why most buyers need to see a message or brand 5-10 times before they take action. The frequency of messaging builds trust and increases the likelihood of you catching a customer in a micro-moment.

This is also why consistently being where your buyers are is so critical. The more your customer can see you and see you as a guide that can help solve their problems, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

At an Inman conference, a group conducted a study that looked at Real Estate Agents and how to close more business. 

They found that it took an average of 8 touches from a Realtor for a potential prospect to become a customer. They also learned that the average real estate agent only follows up twice.

Those real estate agents were missing tons of business!

One of the best ways to be seen by potential prospects is by being where those buyers live – in their newsfeeds. By marketing yourself online through social media you are going to stay in the forefront of a potential buyers mind.

If you or your team is struggling with being seen in the newsfeed because it’s too expensive or too much work, see how our customers are solving this problem! Contact us today!

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