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How to be the Inbound Marketing Agency Sales Reps Absolutely Love

I get it. Succeeding with inbound marketing for B2B sales is harder than ever before. With changing algorithms and increasing competition, the inbound game is becoming more challenging. If you’re like most inbound marketers, you probably are already searching for alternatives answers and solutions to just keep up. We think the Inbound Sales Method is one of these.

Don’t hear what I’m NOT saying.

I’m a total fan of the inbound marketing method. In fact, we use it here at Yip Yip.

What I’m trying to say is….I get it! More and more businesses are struggling and starting to ask questions. And while there is a lot of criticism on the way marketers need to approach the funnel, I’m here to say it’s not you. It’s us.

Us? What do you mean “us”?

Us – you and I – the consumer, the buyer. We are saturated with messaging and promises of solutions that don’t actually help or educate. We have become more resilient to marketing messaging, even over the past 2 years. Digital Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day.

Also, I say we, because I know you and I can both relate to being on the other side of the conversation – being the one sold to – and because you and I both know how hard you work on your messaging and content. It’s almost become impossible to break through the wall and get the attention of your audiences, even with the highest quality marketing.

Having been in marketing and sales for over 20 years and having devoted my time to learning and understanding how personalization helps the sales process, I see a huge gap in the way marketing and sales need to work together. This is no new discussion for me, and probably not for you either. However, if you read on, I want to share with you what could be the secret to not only overcoming the increasing challenges of getting your message out and heard, but also save you time in the processes while still using the content you’ve already created.

Yes, you read that right.

Finding leads in the first place using inbound marketing is hard, so when the leads you pass over to sales doesn’t convert into closed deals, it can be more than frustrating. But there is a solution this. It is slight and it may not be totally obvious. Which is why I want to introduce you to it. I call it “personalized inbound sales funnels”, or the inbound sales method.

What is the Inbound Sales Method?

Here are 5 ways to look at the Inbound Sales Method, and then I’ll break it down even further.

Inbound Sales = Process

Create a personalized sales process that allows your buyers to walk through a series of educational information. Square 2 Marketing calls it a Guided Sales Process. Help your buyer get to know more about you, while allowing your sales team to get to know them as well. Create trust between your salesperson and the buyer, which will help the buyer feel comfortable choosing your company.

Inbound Sales = Personalized Education

Why is your buyer reaching out to you? Simple, they want more information to make sure there are making the right decision. So, educate them. The best inbound processes have educational content sprinkled throughout. Your sales members should be seen as providers of this educational content and it should be personalized from them for each buyer to find the answers they need, no matter where they are in the sales funnel.

Inbound Sales = Guidance

Your sales members give your buyers direction. Your sales team should be seen as the experts! It’s time to ask the buyer questions to find out what they are looking for. The more questions you ask, the better the buyer will feel about you taking care of them. After you glean all of your answers, you sales team will be able to send them personalized information based on their needs.

Inbound Sales = Buyers Feeling Safe

Your buyer will not close the deal unless they feel two things: safe and have a pain point solved. Your buyer may have a pain point, but if they don’t feel safe with your company, they will not seal the deal. While you can’t control their pain point needs, you can control how much they like and trust you. You can design an inbound sales process that enables your buyers to feel safe and educated so that they choose you when they are ready to buy.

Inbound Sales = Shortened Sales Cycles & Improved Close Rates

If your buyer feels better about your sales process, and they like and feel safe with you, then you will see increased close rates. Your buyer will also feel better about your business faster leading to a shortened sales cycle.

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