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How this Popular Fast Food Chain Outdid Themselves with a Simple, yet Innovative Idea

Yeah, you read that right. McDonald’s, the infamously so-bad-you-love-it fast-food outlet, has a fresh and innovative idea that we never saw coming.

They’ve turned a recyclable drink carrier into a boom box.

The Canadian branch got together with Stacklab, a design and fabrication studio, and University of Waterloo to transform their drink trays. It’s kind of crazy, and almost impossible to visualize, so take a look at the video below for a better idea.

The whole idea is odd, and maybe you’re wondering why anyone would get excited about a boom box from an outdated fast-food chain. Fair question. However, take a look at the subtext. Innovative creativity can come from literally anywhere and in any form. And this little stunt, above all else, celebrates creative thought and vision.

Are you looking for a new, innovative and creative project for your team? Embrace the ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. The next time someone throws out a “crazy” idea, take a little more time to think about it.

This doesn’t mean you should necessarily pull the trigger on any crazy idea as a means to look for innovation. That could prove to be unwise for a number of reasons. But sometimes, your next project could be as simple as turning a recyclable drink carrier into a boom box.

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