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Here are 6 Trends to Increase Productivity in Sales, Video and Software as a Service

We’re all looking for ways to improve our process. Luckily, there just about a million ways for us to improve these days, along with a million other tools to help out along the way. Business has never been easier than it is now, so let’s take a look at how we operate and what we can use to increase our reach.

Recently, Hunter Madley, Chief Sales Officer at HubSpot, sat down to talk with Michael Litt, CEO of VidYard to discuss how we can all improve our sales through technology, creating trust through your sales team and the power of video. Here are six big takeaways from their conversation.

  1. Create credibility through your sales and marketing teams

As a brand, the greatest thing you can achieve is a relationship based on trust with your customer or client. Trust draws new people in and keeps other customers coming back. When you demonstrate your value to the customer, follow up by building trust through each interaction.


  1. Leverage technology to create meaningful relationships

Customer service, at it’s core, is all about building relationships. A successful marketer will use technology to effectively build relationships across every platform, which will create that unparalleled customer experience that keeps people coming back.//play.vidyard.com/ctJcMRYMqVkjkHE9zqv7kG.html?v=3.1.1

  1. Embrace new technology for your sales teams

Embracing new technology will not only keep you in pace with your competitors, but it will also enable your team to create those memorable experiences for your customers. Everyone is fighting for their time in the spotlight, and any hesitation to embrace the changing world will put you way behind your competition.


  1. Use video to powerfully tell your story

Storytellers thrive through the use of words, but it’s not always the most efficient way to tell a story. If you can write it, why can’t you show it? Video can be your best friend and your most powerful tool, if used correctly. With a generation of “video natives” coming up in the workforce, now is the best time to implement this tool.


  1. Combine your best tools to fully engage your audience

When you pair together what you do best, you’ll be more likely to engage the people that are watching. If your best tools include video, automated marketing and CRM, you can combine them to understand and engage your audience. By understanding how your audience engages with you, it can help you plan your implementation in the future.


  1. Don’t forget about your product team

Your sales and marketing teams should already be working together, but when you bring in the product team, you complete an unstoppable trifecta. When you lead with your product, you’re literally leading with what makes you stick out. Marketing can get you an audience, sales will move your product, but it’s product team that has to deliver with the actual goods.


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