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Why You Should Mobilize Every Team Member to be Social Employees for Your Business

Are you looking for your business to snag some more eyeballs? Social Employees are changing the game and spreading the good news of their companies far and wide on social media, which greatly increases your reach. Take a look at this blog post from last week and see how a tool like Yip Yip can change your business.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a new marketing channel emerge, and it is called “Social Employees”.

These are employees that are passionate about the work they do and their company. These passionate employees voluntarily talk about the company’s mission, culture and product across digital channels. This might include blogging and posting on thought leadership content on social media.

In the book “The Social Employee”, by marketing influencer Mark Burgess, he talks about how IBM, AT&T, Cisco & Dell strive to be leaders in their industry, and because of this, they have invested time and resources in Social Employees. In return, these companies have become the primary leaders in their digital communities, facilitating many online conversations.

It’s no surprise that this strategy has gained momentum. People are mostly influenced by other people in their network (not companies). A message coming from a friend or colleague is 10x more effective than a TV ad.


A great example of a company that has seen direct revenue from their employees talking about their product is Starbucks.

The company’s famous Tweet-a-Coffee Twitter campaign generated $180,000 in direct sales in less than a month. Starbucks, of course, has an entire team of social media strategists working round the clock. There is, however, a lesser-known secret to its success: Its own employees do lots of the tweeting and posting themselves. A unique employee advocacy program actively encourages staff to share updates about the brand on their own social media accounts.

Since most employees typically believe in the company they work for, many of them are open to talking about the company’s mission, culture, and product. With the right partner, this can be an easy and inexpensive initiative.

For this example, you could use a tool like Yip Yip, and within minutes mobilize all of your employees on social media, as well as blog sites.

Let’s say you have 120 employees. And each employee posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn every day for 30 days. And let’s say your team gets an average of 100 views for each post.

Your 120 employees would generate 1,000,000+ impressions! That’s a lot of views!

Employee Reach Formula

You could reach 3,000 views for a cup of delicious Starbucks coffee!

For the price of a $2 coffee…

Or reach 18,000 views for the price of seeing the new Star Wars film!

For the price of a $12 movie ticket…

Let’s see how the Social Employee channel compares to traditional and digital marketing channels.

Cost of 1.08M Impressions

If we compare to the average CPM of traditional and digital advertising channels, we can see why the Social Employee is seen as an incredible opportunity!

If you had 120 employees, mobilizing these employees with a tool like Yip Yip, is 3x less expensive than Social Media ads, and 14x less expensive than most traditional marketing methods.

Here’s the best part! Not only is mobilizing your employees the best value for a marketing channel, it is also the most effective!

Employee Sharing vs. Company Sharing

Here is a combined study of research from Nielson, Smarp, Technerati & LinkedIn on Employee’s sharing content vs. company’s sharing content.

Employees sharing content is more trustworthy, engaging, likely to be shared, and leads have higher conversions.


Lastly, if your employees have a constant trigger, then they will talk about your company offline. According to research conducted from Jonah Berger, only 7% of word of mouth happens online. This does not mean that people are less influenced by online content, just that most word of mouth occurs offline, for example in the office, at dinner, in passing.

If your employees are consistently posting about your company, it acts as an active trigger for them to talk about your company offline.

Social Employees not only significantly increase the quantity and quality of your reach, but it acts as a consistent trigger to drive employee conversations offline.

In 2017, it has been getting more and more difficult, and expensive, to reach the right buyers. Mobilizing your existing advocates and employees to talk about your company’s mission, culture and product is the new, and most effective, marketing channel.

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