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Automating the “Jab”

Let’s be honest.

We’re all fascinated with Gary V and all of his content. There’s just something about his stuff that really strikes us at our core. But seriously, who would have thought that a guy in jeans and t-shirts cussing in front of Fortune 100 companies and always walking around with a video camera could influence a global culture?

The other day we had IBM social media influencer Jeff Sheehan over at the office to discuss his views on Sales Enablement and Social Selling.

Suddenly, Brandon, our CEO said, “what Yip Yip does is we automate the jab!”.

Jeff instantly knew that we were referencing Gary Vaynerchuk and it quickly illustrated our service offering. He said, “every EVP, SVP and VP of sales needs you guys!”

And we totally agree!

So, what the heck do we mean when we say that we “automate the jab?” According to Gary V. in his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook he refers to the “jab” as using content to consistently share your company story. Especially in talking with your prospects and clients. The jab illustrates the consistent touch that is always communicating and sharing, sharing, sharing your company story, value proposition and staying top-of-mind.

Basically, use content to BE IN

VOLVED. Use content to engage and delight your audience.

We especially like this quote from his book:

“Creating skillful native content has little to do with selling and a lot to do with skillful storytelling. In the right social-media-savvy hands, a brand that masters native content becomes human.”

Check out what our founder Brandon Lee has to say about how we “Automate the Jabs”:



We’ve built a revolutionary platform that gives the marketers on your team, at the press of a button, the power to leverage the sales people on your team who often have the biggest networks and influence. Our mission is to help business start more sales conversations, get more referrals and increase their sales fast. To learn more or see a demo click here.

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