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Our Story

In a world gone digital, millions of solopreneurs and small business owners want and to use blogs and social media to market their services.

Yet they don’t know how. Or they don’t have time. Creating the content is a persistent problem.

Yip Yip is focused on solving these problems. We setup shop in 2017 to help business owners—and the companies serve them—capitalize on the power of automation to rock digital with content marketing and social media. We want to provide a higher quality solution than any solopreneur can do on their own, at an amazing price and take all the worry and effort of getting it done off their plates. We want to free up their time so they can service clients better, manage their teams with my patience and have more time with their families as they grow their business.  Yip Yip, that is our goal! 

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The One-to-Many Digital Marketing Platform

Marketing creates a social media post, blog post or any type of content.

Each salesperson receives notification to automatically publish and/or personalize (or decline) the content.

A few simple options are selected to optimize distribution and target the right audience.

Approved content is instantly published via the sale rep’s social channels and personal website.

Build Personal Brands, Build Booming Businesses.

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