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9 Tech Tools Sales Reps Should Be Using

In 2018, sales software is a sales rep’s best friend. From better prospecting to improved meetings, emerging tools have helped reps keep pace with the changing face of sales. If a sales tool can shave even the slightest amount of time off the average buying cycle, or help reps ramp faster, it’s often more than worth the price of the tool. To that end, the market for sales tools shows no signs of slowing—SiriusDecisions calculated that the average sales enablement budget doubled between 2012 and 2014. Clearly, companies understand that sales tools are a worthy investment. One of the best sales

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9 Proven Strategies That Will Accelerate Your Referrals

Do you wish you had more referrals?   Of course, you do! The challenge most sales reps have is they do not have a defined strategy that is consistently implemented. We have listed many of the strategies from CloserIQ and have created a list of 9 strategies that you can use to attract more referrals from your clients. In fact, by not implementing these 9 strategies, you are probably leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Here are the 9 strategies by generating more referrals: 1. Commit to Asking For One Referral Every Day You’re already prospecting every day so

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5 Sales Activities that can & SHOULD be Automated

What if you sales team could spend more time selling? Sales automation improves productivity by taking manual tasks and turning them into an easily repeatable and automated workflow. In other words, sales automation saves time. Which begs the question, what sales tasks should be automated so you can save time and focus on selling? Whether it’s saving seconds or minutes, automating certain sales tasks saves time. To understand why sales automation improves productivity and maximizes selling time, we need to look at how you allocate your time throughout the day. Allocation of Time A typical day for any salesperson breaks

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Modern Buyers Don’t Look for B2B Sellers. They look to Smart Friends For Insight!

Modern buyers are changing the way they research products and engage with sales people. This means that we as sales people have to change our strategy when interacting with potential clients in order to have any sort of impact. Let’s take a look at some statistics. Did you know that… 90% of buyers don’t respond to cold calls.  -Harvard Business Review   or that… 74% of buyers choose the first salesperson who added insight and value into their research.  -Business 2 Community   Can you believe those statistics? If you are a salesperson, those 2 pieces of data should cause

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The 7 DEADLY Sins of Selling

The original seven deadly sins are lust, pride, greed, gluttony, envy, anger, and sloth. Did you know there is an even more frightening selling equivalent? Here are “7 Deadly Sins of Selling” put together by SalesLoft on mistakes that salespeople make in their sales processes. The “7 Deadly Sins of Selling” include: Not Listening Wasting Time Being Insincere Avoiding Social Media Working Hard vs. Smart Failing to Follow Up Not Asking for Referrals As a sales professional with any level of experience, there are several mistakes that, once made, turn even a promising sales into an uphill climb. By recognizing

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Why Word-Of-Mouth is the BEST Marketing Tool You Have as Explained by Zombies

Word of Mouth is a key strategy when it comes to growing your reach and influence. We believe that by using word of mouth, your message is going to get a higher reach – ultimately resulting in more business. This infographic from ReferralCandy shows exactly why all marketers should be using word of mouth marketing with facts, statistics and zombies….spooky.

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