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CASE STUDY: 981 Sales Reps Sharing Company Content Consistently (Result: 2 Million+ Organic Views in the first 45 Days)

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of sales people sharing marketing content on social media. It’s another thing to see a real life example that has produced 2X-3X higher results in less than 45 days (saving the company $74,184 in annual paid marketing.) Our client was a medium-size company that had over 1,800 loan officers. Within 2 weeks, we onboarded 55% of their employees (981 loan officers) to the Yip Yip platform. For every single post created by the marketing department using Yip Yip, 981 salespeople shared that same exact post. Here are the results in less than

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NOW HIRING: Customer Success Specialist at Yip Yip, Inc.

As a member of the Yip Yip Customer Success team, you turn customers into fans. Responsibilities include training customers on how to use the platform, strategizing on increasing customer adoption, growth and reducing churn. This candidate will be responsible to learn and create industry best practices, troubleshoot issues, and field new feature ideas and requests. We provide our customers with superior support, and we educate them with the resources they need to accomplish their goals. In this position, you’ll have a ton of fun and be part of a company that truly values a positive team culture while encouraging professional

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Top Ways Printing Companies are Attracting New Customers (And Retaining the Old!)

With the printing space changing every day it is important to look to new opportunities and services to increase business. Here are some of our suggestions to drum up new business and keep your current clients coming back for more! Digital Partnerships Studies have shown that more and more print clients are seeking a digital solution. This leaves print companies feeling overwhelmed because technologies are expensive to build and intimidating to implement. We understand this challenge firsthand.  This is something that we see our partners come up against regularly. We recently had a partner overcome this and earn over $64,800

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How a Print Marketing Company Could Generate $64,800 in New Revenue in the Next 90 Days.

In this new digital age it can be difficult to retain customers seeking a digital solution. Buyers, while still seeking print options, are turning more and more to digital marketing every day. As a print company, this change to digital can be scary. Technologies are expensive to build and can be overwhelming to implement. Many companies are seeing longtime customers turn to competitors who offer a digital solution. Our CEO, Brandon Lee, knows first hand how difficult the transition to digital can be since his first company that he sold was a print company.  As the world started moving towards

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How a Marketing Agency Increased Lead Generation by Marketing Through Their Clients’ Sales Reps

In this blog, I will show you how a marketing agency promoted a lead generation eBook through a sales team, and obtained 77 leads organically with just one social post. Marketing must be responsible for the companies growth. This means marketing agencies must drive revenue. The challenge marketing agencies face is getting the investment needed to create this meaningful strategy. When I say meaningful strategy, what I mean is a strategy that will actually grow the business and drive results. This leads to many marketing agencies getting caught up in just offering services. When we try to take responsibility for

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The Death Of Social Media Organic Reach, and the Best Resource for Sparking Social Media Engagement Right Now

Before the Fall In February 2012, Facebook made one of the most impactful changes to its algorithm, and this change has caused mass hysteria for social media marketers and small business owners. Before 2012, it was pretty easy for brands to reach their audience through social media. The best part? It was free (organic). Early adopters were able to reach between 16% – 20% of their audience every time they pushed a post! Again, for FREE. And then IT happened. The Great Organic Reach Decline of 2014 A study from Edgerank Checker found that between February 2012 and March 2014, organic

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