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Customer Success Story: Unique Homes Luxury Media

“Yip Yip is a forward-thinking way to use our content and serve our clients with a modern, digital and social media solution. They have been amazing partners and our clients are benefiting from it. We also added a great new revenue stream for our business. Great wins for everyone!”
Rick Goodwin

Smoothing the Transition to Digital Content Distribution

Yip Yip Customer

Unique Homes Luxury Media has been the leading publisher of luxury property listings magazines for over 40 years. Its flagship publication, Unique Homes Magazine, is the go-to magazine for affluent home buyers. The magazine is sold in all 50 U.S. states and more than 80 countries. Each bi-monthly issue of Unique Homes provides savvy real estate professionals with a high quality marketing vehicle that immediately sets them apart from their competition.


Recognizing the need to become digitally relevant, the media company created a digital version of their existing magazines with some success. However, their clients wanted more features that would expand their reach, support their personal brand, and foster stronger customer engagement.

The company decided it was time to provide a content marketing and social media program for their clients. However, they realized the transition to digital products wouldn’t be easy without the right platform.


Unique Homes Luxury Media opted to partner with Yip Yip to put a program in place fast and efficiently and avoid the high costs of development. In a few short weeks, a completely digital co-branded platform was launched.  

  • The digital marketing service was introduced to 36,000 agents.
  • Short-term goals are to convert at a rate of 3% and develop an annual revenue stream of at least $300,000.
  • The service provides Unique Home clients with a personally branded blog, consistent publishing of new content and social posts to promote the content.
  • Agents will utilize the Yip Yip mobile app to get notifications when new content is available and can then review, edit and automatically publish content whenever they choose.

Build personal brands, build booming businesses.

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