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Customer Success Story: The Institute For Luxury Home Marketing

Empowering Personal Brands

Yip Yip Customer

The Institute for Luxury Homes is an example of how associations and network marketers can use the power of Yip Yip. A certification organization in the luxury residential real estate space, The Institute has approximately 6,000 certified members that have met the organization’s specific requirements and successfully completed their training program.


The Institute wanted to provide a valuable digital marketing resource to help their members develop personal brand assets and grow their businesses while also creating a new revenue stream.

Though The Institute provides training on content marketing and social media, many members requested ongoing assistance and an easier process.


 They reviewed a number of content curation tools and met with agencies, but were unsatisfied with the models and unimpressed with the fees. They also did not want to invest the resources required to build a platform themselves.  


Ultimately, The Institute licensed the Yip Yip platform and then began delivering a co-branded platform for their members to utilize. Yip Yip’s co-branded solution aligns perfectly with their goals and needs.

  • Each member has a personally branded blog site.
  • Two blog posts are automatically published to member sites each month.
  • Each month, 20 social posts are delivered to each member’s phone for them to review, edit, schedule and publish.
  • The expert team at Unique Homes Luxury Media creates all content and social posts.
  • Members can automate the posting process by selecting “Auto Publish” in their settings.
  • Members also receive “Web of Influence,” a monthly social media training program developed by Yip Yip.
  • Yip Yip’s “Launch in a Box” program made it easy for The Institute to promote the program via an email campaign, publish a member survey, collect valuable feedback and tailor the program to meet their associates’ needs.
  • As a result of implementing the digital marketing platform, The Institute for Luxury Homes has enlisted 100+ members in the program and now generates approximately $60,000 per year in new revenue.

Build personal brands, build booming businesses.

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