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Social Selling Starter Program

We immediately help sales reps and BDR’s adopt and implement social selling strategies that will establish credibility, attract more leads, and increase revenue.

Easily Adopt Social Selling Best Practices

The Yip Yip Social Selling Starter Program is a complete solution for immediate training and implementation of social selling best practices among your sales reps and BDR's. Within days of starting this program, you will see your team implementing these strategies on Social Media.

Social Selling Academy

We provide easy access to online training for the best social selling practices in 2018 and beyond. Our faculty of instructors have trained thousands of sales reps. If you already have a trainer, they can upload their content to our platform for no additional charge.

Creative Support For Reps

Content is an important piece of an effective Social Selling strategy. This is why we offer any type of creative support you might need for branding your reps as thought leaders.

If you already have content, no problem! You can easily upload this content directly into Yip Yip, and it will automatically personalize it for your reps.


With the Yip Yip software, your reps will have branded thought leadership content automatically posted on their behalf. This allows each rep to immediately implement social selling best practices.

Each rep has the option to automatically post thought leadership content, or approve/edit content before it is published and promoted.

Yip Yip "Wow"-Service

Our customer success team provides clear onboarding, training videos, and one-on-one support for users and admins of our platform.

Our mission is for you and your team to have such a great experience that you say “wow” after working with us.


Case Study: 981 Reps Adopting Yip Yip

See how a company was able to get 981 of their reps consistently posting thought leadership content on social media!

Build personal brands, build booming businesses.

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