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Social Ambassador

Your message is sure to be heard when it’s published directly to your employees’ and supporters’ social media accounts.

Social Ambassadors are the future of social media marketing. People live in their newsfeeds and by empowering your supporters to spread your message, you are going to stand out where it really matters.

What’s more, your message is going to gain credibility when prospects hear it from their friends and family. Whether you’re fundraising, campaigning or trying to grow your brand, Social Ambassadors gives you the ability to amplify your reach indefinitely.


Politicians are using social ambassadors to spread their message and win campaigns! At little to no cost to the campaign fund itself, Social Ambassadors allows your message to be spread and heard on a higher level.


Fundraising can be challenging, especially when working within a budget! Social Ambassadors allows non-profits to reach number here% more people and be as effective as possible.


The best advocates for your business are none other than the people who work there! Use social ambassadors today to maximize your social media reach and grow your business!

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