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Increase the Reach of Your Network or Employees

Yip Yip is the Future of Reach!
A wide array of businesses can benefit mightily by helping their associates step-up their social media and digital marketing activity.

Professional associations, network marketing organizations, non profits, franchisors—even franchisees—can help their members, employees, and themselves by creating and maintaining an online presence. Or, consistently sharing content about your organization.

Of course, many of the people who work with or for you are likely to claim they can’t stay active across digital channels because don’t have the time or skills.

They no longer need them.

Yip Yip Inc. Makes it Simple For You to Give Everyone a Social Media Voice

The One-to-Many Digital Marketing Platform

Your marketing team—or even one person—creates a social media post, blog post or any type of content.

Everyone in your network receives notification to automatically publish and/or personalize (or decline) the content.

A few simple options are selected to optimize distribution and target the right audience.

Approved content is instantly published via social channels and personal website.

Who’s Saying “Yes, Yes” to Yip Yip?

Associations, Network Marketers and Non Profits

Associations and networks marketers that serve professional service providers like real estate agents, insurance agents, coaches, and dentists are just a few examples of the types of brands building their businesses with Yip Yip

Niche Publishers

Companies that offer members content marketing and social media services—paid or otherwise—build their business with Yip Yip’s simple syndication mode.


Any type of franchise can use our push-and-publish platform to automate the online publishing process for all franchisees.


Owners of franchised brands put Yip Yip to work to lower hiring costs by empowering employees to become online recruiters. They also use a Yip Yip team to expand their REACH with social messages about the business, special events and promotions.

The Benefits of Yip Yip Automation

It's Efficient.

A marketing team as small as one person can efficiently provide content to an unlimited number of members or employees.

It's Easy.

Yip Yip’s automated push-and-publish platform automates the entire process for everyone.

It's Powerful.

Everyone in your network can expand their reach, build relationships, and own the leads they generate.

Make Everyone Influential Online

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