Yip Yip

Make Marketing Magic with Yip Yip, the Relationship Accelerator

Its Never Been Easier to Empower Your People to Connect with Clients.

Here’s How You Yip Yip!

Super Simple Setup

The marketer or admin initiates an invitation via text or email to establish a Yip Yip account. The team members quickly customize their settings and connect their social accounts. Yip Yip accounts are easily integrated with existing content management systems when requested.

One To Many Content Distribution

The marketing lead creates content or selects existing branded—blog posts, social media posts, lead magnets, or any type of content—for online publication.

WIth the press of “publish,” the content is syndicated to everyone.


Instant User Notification

When new content is available those who requested alerts receive it via a mobile app. Users can also opt to have the content automatically published to connected channels without review.

Flexible User Controls

Each individual is alerted of new content and can review, approve, edit, reject, and/or schedule it. Content is published to the user’s website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter feed upon approval.

Integrated Lead Capture

When your team members capture leads via content offers, Yip Yip feeds the customer data into your email, marketing automation or CRM platform.

Helpful Reports

Intuitive dashboard-style reports reveal subscriber activity and insights into content consumption. Want to gamify the process? A leaderboard is offered to display results and inspire healthy competition.

Go Pro Or Go Social

Yip Yip Pro

Our full-featured solution includes personalized websites to give every member of your team the power to publish a blog and offer downloadable content.

Yip Yip Social

A version of Yip Yip that does not include personalized websites, but facilitates and accelerates automated updates to the social media channels you use. Track clicks or simply REACH more people through your team and drive massive readership to your existing site pages. 

We'll Lead Your Launch

Yip Yip clients have asked us to introduce the service to their subscribers and help speed everyone along. We responded with a thorough and customizable “Launch in a Box” program, which includes:

Pre-Written Emails

Supporting Documentation

A Helpful Handbook

Online, Email and Phone Support

Build Personal Brands, Build Booming Businesses.

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