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Customer Success Story: GiANT Worldwide

Building Reach, Forging Relationships

“We are able to create content, brand it for all our consultants and help them consistently stay in front of their digital community with lead nurturing campaigns that build fruitful relationships.”
Steve Cockram
Giant Worldwide Co-Founder

Yip Yip Customer

GiANT Worldwide provides an excellent example of the Yip Yip sales enablement program at work. GiANT is a leadership system for the 21st Century. The company partners with nearly 100 certified consultants to build better leaders, increase team performance and create thriving organizations in over 10 countries.


The corporate marketing team at GiANT had been publishing blog posts and posting on social media channels. Though they asked their consultants to share them, few consistently complied. A common response was, “Why? I’d rather see my followers engage with me so I can own the lead, build a relationship and win their business.”

Results: Lead Generation

An early adopter of Yip Yip, GiANT quickly found the platform changed their fate with digital marketing. The system made it effortless to put a system in place that would immensely amplify the company’s reach via personal brand websites and automated social media content distribution for their many partners and consultants.

  • 40 associates signed-on. Social media engagement multiplied 120X as each associate shared the content across his or her digital channels merely by approving it.
  • Comments increased 1,880X*
  • Traffic increased 202%*
  • Time on site increased 285%

GiANT provided each associate an eBook to serve as a lead magnet, which was personalized for his or her distribution. The initial pilot program quickly produced impressive results:

  • Consultants averaged five or more conversions per month.
  • Approximately 200 leads were produced in short order.
“Yip Yip is exactly what I need. I now have a digital presence with blogs and social posts and I didn’t have to do any of the work.”
Dan Frey
Giant Worldwide Partner

Build personal brands, build booming businesses.

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