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Duplicate Content Penalty: MYTH or TRUE

There is a lot of confusion around duplicate content and whether or not a company is penalized by Google for having duplicate content across the web. In this blog post, we intend to clear up this confusion up in the simplest terms possible. SHORT ANSWER: Knowing that you are probably

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What is Yip Yip and How do We Help?

Is technology the real cause of disruption in the world? Chances are, if you look at why we embrace technology as readily as we do, you’ll find the answer is “no.” Did iTunes kill the music industry? No, an industry that forced you to buy full albums for a single

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Advertising on Facebook: CPMS Rise by 171% in 2017

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Facebook without seeing ads these days. But things may change in the next few years, as advertising methods continue to adapt and react to the influx of technology. In a study of CPMs on Facebook, Adstage has concluded that Facebook has seen a 171%

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The Yip Yip Partner Program Increases Your Revenues

Throughout my career, my companies have helped 1000’s and 1000’s of small business owners and solopreneurs grow their business. I estimate that the number of businesses that my companies have helped is up over 100,000 businesses. I am very proud of those numbers. As the child of a small business

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A Little Bit About Me…..

Hey there! I’m Brandon Lee, Founder and CEO of Yip Yip. Here’s a little bit about me: 1) I adore my wife. We have 5 kids. I think they are all awesome and I love being a dad. I met my wife in a church parking lot. We got married

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Celebrate the Wins: Episode 1: Mike Garrison

We know that the past 20 years have changed how you sell. Some say it’s easier, some say it’s harder. Well, we want to celebrate and learn from your successes! Join Brandon Lee as he celebrates sales wins with Mike Garrison, a key industry sales leader. This was originally posted

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Automating the “Jab”

Let’s be honest. We’re all fascinated with Gary V and all of his content. There’s just something about his stuff that really strikes us at our core. But seriously, who would have thought that a guy in jeans and t-shirts cussing in front of Fortune 100 companies and always walking

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