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A hot topic of conversation among inbound marketing strategists right now is #FlipTheFunnel, thanks to another amazing Atlanta based company, Terminus. This ideas has revolutionized business around the world in the way they reach and engage prospective clients. At Yip Yip, we see another idea that could be just as

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147 Technology Parkway Suite #100, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Raina Robinson, Customer Success and Marketing Coordinator rrobinson@goyipyip.com or (404) 561-1890 YIP YIP INC. LAUNCHES NEW MOBILE APP PEACHTREE CORNERS, Ga. (13 July 2018)—Yip Yip Inc. launched their new mobile app, Yip Yip Mobile, today. The free

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How to Speed Up the Buying Process

Have you ever wished your customers would buy faster? It can be quite frustrating seeing customers inquire about a product, become a lead, ask for an appointment and then take 3 – 12 months to close. If you’re a CEO or responsible for growing sales and revenue, you would mostly

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How Yip Yip Helps You: Associations

With the huge advances in the internet and search engines over the last few years, Associations are having to come up with innovative new ways to navigate the digital landscape and continue providing value to their members. In the past, an Association was essential for members to continue their ongoing

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Duplicate Content Penalty: MYTH or TRUE

There is a lot of confusion around duplicate content and whether or not a company is penalized by Google for having duplicate content across the web. In this blog post, we intend to clear up this confusion up in the simplest terms possible. SHORT ANSWER: Knowing that you are probably

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What is Yip Yip and How do We Help?

Is technology the real cause of disruption in the world? Chances are, if you look at why we embrace technology as readily as we do, you’ll find the answer is “no.” Did iTunes kill the music industry? No, an industry that forced you to buy full albums for a single

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